Would You Play Russian Roulette with a Fully Loaded Gun?

Get the Scientifically Proven Way to Win the Battle
Against Cancer

Keep reading as I will show you how to beat the 50/50 odds of cancer. I will reveal eye-opening, science-backed secrets shown to beat breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and more...

Do you know about the game, Russian Roulette?

It is a risk-taking, potential lethal game of chance. Each player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder and places the muzzle against their head... Pulls the triggers and hopes it doesn't land on that 1 loaded chamber. There are 6 chambers where bullets can be loaded, therefore your chance is one in six.

Would you ever hold it to your head and pull the trigger even if 5 of the 6 chambers were empty?

Of course you wouldn't...neither would I, for any amount of money. I simply don't like the odds (plus, I'm not stupid).

Even worse would you do it if the gun had 3 bullets in it? That's a 50/50 chance!

This is no different than cancer... you are facing the same odds.

Cancer Armageddon: We Are All Battling Cancer
and Here's Why...

"Cancer armageddon", is a common saying of mine because we are ALL battling cancer, it effects everyone...chances are you or your loved one very close to you will develop this disease.

Current figures show that 1 in 2 men and almost that many women will get cancer at some time in their lifetime. That's 50/50 odds. That's why we are ALL battling cancer: either you or a loved one close to you will probably get the disease.

According the American Cancer Society, they estimated that approximately 14.5 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive on January 1, 2014 and about 1,685,210 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2016.

In 2016 alone, they expect almost 1,630 people per day to die of cancer. It's the second most common death in the US, exceeded by heart disease.

On a bigger scale, the World Health Organization (WHO), who we trust, estimates that at the current rate, the number of new cancer cases will catapult to 27 million annually by 2030; there will be over 13 million cancer deaths per year and 75 million people living with cancer within five years after diagnosis.

Cancer will eventually become the number one killer worldwide, outpacing heart disease and causing more deaths than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Welcome to Winning Against Cancer...

Meet Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

Qualified in medicine MB ChB (same as MD) in Manchester, UK in 1970, Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into controversial alternative medicine.

Prof. Scott-Mumby made medico-legal history in 1986, when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergy was capable of making a youth murderously violent; by 1990 the press were calling him "Britain's Number One Allergy Detective".

Prof. Scott-Mumby has published several books in this field and been interviewed by many TV and radio stations worldwide, as a recognized expert in alternative health paradigms.

Prof. Scott-Mumby now writes and lectures internationally on the themes of he currently has on cutting-edge alternative medicine, energy medicine, cancer research alternatives, and anti-aging science.

He has 30 years of knowledge and clinical experience which he writes about in his 11 published books.

I want to welcome you to the game of winning against cancer. It’s a serious game and you don’t want it to be a crap shoot. You want the ODDS IN YOUR FAVOR. That means you have to rig the game so that you can win!

From the reaction of some of my medical colleagues, you would think they consider this to be worse than cheating at cards!

Some of them have even been known to get angry at the patient who takes charge of his or her life and tries to influence the outcome of disease, as if it was a personal affront to them and their supposed skills.

When it comes to cancer control, you'd be mad to surrender to conventional care. Find out how to beat cancer with my evidence based cancer treatments:

Get the THREE enormously important pillars of healing. Find out why the Victorians never got cancer.
Cancer-proof your life through your emotional health.
Find out whether to go natural with holistic therapies or try traditional medicine.
The real deal on WHY the standard treatment of cancer makes it worse and causes premature death.
Get the natural chemical compound protocol that locks on to cancer cells and causes them to self-destruct.
I share the science behind everyday food-choices, that you can use to kill cancer based on Native-American formulas, enzyme therapy, herbs, and more...
Find out the ten cancer markers that will successfully determine if you will get cancer or not.

But you need to be clear about one thing: the conventional treatment of cancer has been an unmitigated disaster.

It is getting better and there are new “smart” therapies on the way. But cutting, burning and poisoning with chemo does as much, or more, to finish off the patient as the disease itself.

It's clear that the "cancer industry" is NOT about curing or even helping people. It's about profits. They don't want cures, as can be seen by the fury with which they attack doctors who promote safe and cheap alternatives to their cruel "death machine".

So I have written a book packed with scientifically-proven cancer therapies called Cancer Research Secrets it's the way to beat Cancer Armaggedon.

The only way you are going to learn about safe and effective alternative cancer remedies -- therapies that won't bankrupt you -- is to study them.

I've written this groundbreaking book to help you understand these issues more fully and you should get a personal copy. If not now, one day it may save your life or the life of a loved one.

Here are some of the many topics "Cancer Research Secrets" reviews in depth, citing scientific studies to help you decide:

  • Why diet is the #1 change you MUST make to survive and which diets really work
  • Emotional detox: toxic emotions are the #1 reason we get cancer
  • Chemical detox: we live in a sea of carcinogens, you must do SOMETHING!
  • Electromagnetic pollution and how to protect yourself
  • IV solutions (vitamin C especially)
  • Oxygen therapies (O2, ozone, peroxide, hyperbaric etc)
  • Enzyme therapies: eat away your own cancer!
  • Herbs, from Essiac and Hoxey, to cannabis and graviola
  • Geopathic stress (Earth radiation and other effects)
  • Homeopathy (such as mistletoe)
  • Homotoxicology
  • Amygdalin (proprietary name Laetrile).. does it really work?
  • Ukrain
  • Naltrexone
  • 714-X
  • Antineoplastons (study just agreed with the FDA, remarkably)
  • Immune therapies
  • Electrical changes and frequency generators
  • The so-called Rife machine
  • DMSO
  • Hydrazine sulfate
  • chlorine dioxide
  • and many others you NEED to know...
  • PLUS, what you need to avoid

I will also help you get clear on the relative importance of all these Cancer Research Secrets and many more possibilities. There are things you MUST do, things you MUST NOT do and things that matter little but might serve to confuse you.

It could be deadly to pick one intriguing cure and omit the absolutely vital life-saving steps that everyone must do, in order to survive cancer.

But the most deadly thing that is wrong with orthodox medicine is not what it DOES, but what it does not do. Conventional colleagues never seem interested into getting to the bottom of WHY a person gets cancer and fixing that (they don’t really know why, for one thing).

Yet there is always a cause. Cancer is not a loser’s lottery. Cancer has reasons, the same as anything else on God’s Earth. You just have to find the RIGHT reason.

"Cancer Research Secrets" is your user-friendly GPS guide to find your way around and get the cure you or a loved one so desperately needs.

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The 3 Pillars Of Healing Wisdom

There are three major secrets that you must know, to beat cancer and remain in good health. Lots of writers have one of these, a few writers have two. But only in this book will you find all three.

Many people have successfully beaten cancer on one or more of these key health principles. If you know all three and use them in your fight, then you will have the best possible chance of recovery and lasting health (incidentally, very few people ever explain what is probably the most important of these three principles).

These are not just anti-cancer measures but good general health measures, anyway. In fact one of my important sayings is this:

Every good health measure is an anti-cancer measure!

This brings a fantastic bonus, if you think it through: that it's possible to feel great, even while you battle down a dangerous disease!

The sight of some celebrity suffering from the ravages of cancer is an all-too-familiar in the media (celebrities are notoriously bad at looking after themselves: I've seen papparazzi shots of Patrick Swayze and Michael Douglas caught SMOKING!

But it doesn't have to be so. The vehicle to best beat out cancer is a vibrant, healthy body, where all the defences are working flat out. I can state this categorically, after more than 3 decades of clinical experience, working at the leading edge of holistic discoveries.

The reverse of this is that if you DON'T change your ways, the cancer will come back. That's what makes this disease so dangerous.


Orthodox Route vs. Alternative Therapies

A lot of cancer victims agonize over whether to do chemotherapy and/or radiation or choose gentle, holistic therapies*. It can be very difficult to decide, when fear or pressure from doctors and family have an influence. Emotions are often running high and such decisions, with enormous potential consequences, can seem terrifying.

You will be pleased to know that Cancer Research Secrets does NOT insist that orthodox medicine is bad and you should give it up. I have been a practicing holistic MD for four decades and recognizes your right to choose. I am not among the "holistic" bigots who scoff and deride those who choose chemo.

Despite its unpleasant effects, people do survive chemo. There are around 12 million cancer survivors in the USA alone, most of whom went to conventional oncologists.

If that is your choice, the abundant advice I give in this book will help you overcome the unpleasant side effects of chemo (but wont stop it working, whatever the oncologists claim). Over a ten year period, none of my patients lost their hair or had unpleasant diarrhea. Yet the patient came out on top!

That's very refreshing and unlike any other author in the holistic field.

*Surgery, providing it is not mutilating, is a less harmful option. But it may be entirely unneccesary. More to the point, neither chemo, radiation therapy or surgery tackle the root causes of why you got cancer in the first place.

Anyone intelligent will recognize at once that "treatment" without eliminating the root cause of a disease is foolish, costly and dangerous.

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"Just a note to let you know that I had 4th stage colon cancer (the upper region) with a tumor over 6 inches long and have now been declared “cancer free” by my oncologist, after a PET scan.

The growth had spread to my duodenum, necessitating a 3-hour operation for its removal. After the surgery I started one of the many options you suggested in your book of “Cancer Research Secrets”. It apparently worked and, as forecast by you, I was declared cancer free by my oncologist (4 and 1/2 months after the ops), though he was not too happy about me going for the alternative route rather than his chemo.

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your insights and your discussions of the numerous options to think about before making these kinds of decisions. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Neale Ensign, Melbourne, Florida


"I purchased your 'Cancer Research Secrets" and relish every day the opportunity to read, plan and apply your knowledge and advice.

Each chapter seems to have something to say to me personally and as someone with cancer this collation of information is an absolute God-send.

Diagnosed 4 years ago with colon cancer I have spent time anxiously pouring over the internet putting bits and pieces of helpful information together in note books. Over time I realized that coming from the belief of self and natural recovery I needed much more that random notes glued or stapled to notebooks.

So when saw and bought your book I've learned so much more and confirmed some of what I'd already discovered about cancer; it's history, possibilities for reversal and fine examples of those that did move away from the juggernaut of big medicine.

So thanks to you I'm much more confident and will continue to read your extensively researched comments and advice.  I will definitely be one of those who can look back in years to come and say that I took the trouble to explore all the options available to those with the disease.

Thank you for your book. Although it's one of hundreds out there, to me it's the best I've seen so far."

- Rob P


There Is No Magic Bullet

It's curious to say but many people who believe in holistic and alternative therapies still think like oncologists! They are looking for that "one thing" that will magically cure them of cancer. This is not only irrational but actually dangerous.

Currently there is a fashion for the "1 Minute Cure". There is no problem with the "1 Minute" part... but the cure? If you don't fully engage yourself in correcting the health problems which resulted in cancer, you are NOT going to get a cure.

DCA (dichloroacetic acid) is another supposed "magic bullet". People are clamoring for the "right" to use it therapeutically, encouraged by those who are willing to sell it, of course! Yet barely a fraction of those who want to swallow DCA would ever take the trouble to change their diet and clean up their environment.

This is laziness and folly. There are NO quick and ready answers. Cancer is a wily foe but it will certainly repay you to study it.

I'll explains that cancer heralds a career change. You need to work at being a cancer survivor. Cancer is not necessarily a death knell but it is a wake-up call; it's telling you your health is in ruins. If you don't take decisive action, to change the reckless lifestyle you have been living, you may well not survive.

On the other hand, if you take the trouble, you can correct your health trajectory to the point where you feel better than ever before in your life--active, zestful and without symptoms or tumor. Indeed, there are those who actually bless the fact that they got cancer: it showed them the way to a better healthier life.

Get yourself a copy of this major book NOW

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Here's to staying cancer-free,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

P.S. With a cast iron money back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Remember, we can't make you give back the knowledge you gain from reading "Cancer Research Secrets"!

Also, just to remind you, you get an indefinite free membership to the update site "Cancer Wise."

This is the book that never grows old.

Cancer research is moving very fast indeed. New developments happen almost every week. You need to stay abreast. But we can't print a new book every month. So the solution is to provide you with a free INDEFINITE membership to an exclusive site dedicated to posting updates on a regular basis.

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Beware of the Alternatives Too!

Unfortunately, the alternative cancer field is also seething with bogus cures and claims, especially if viewed from the Internet. It is clear to anyone knowledgeable that a great many people, totally unqualified, are indeed “cashing in”, exactly as the orthodox critics claim. If there is one thing worse than a dangerous doctor, after 7 years of training, then it’s a dangerous amateur, with NO training.

That’s where Cancer Research Secrets comes in. It’s been a massive project in assembling scientific data on numerous aspects of cancer alternatives, the clinics and the people involved that are, according to his review, both credible and effective. Prof. Keith has sifted the wheat from the chaff and offers it to you as good intellectual nourishment!

He's a regular MD (trained at a medical school in the UK); he's been professor at two universities; he's treated patients just shy of 40 years, using exclusively alternative and holistic methods, including cancer patients, of course. Many of them are still alive and well. Some just died of natural causesâ€"we all have to go sometime.

And so he is a person abundantly well qualified to walk you through the cancer cure minefield, without getting your legs blown off.

Cancer Research Secrets is a major contribution to knowledge in this field and we at Mother Whale Inc. hope you will find it helpful. It’s jam packed with information never before assembled all in one document. Not only that but there is a resources supplement to follow, linking you with numerous centers for treatment, the therapies and remedies you are looking for.

Prof. Keith has done all the heavy lifting, you just need to read it and take action!

OK, What About That Indefinite Membership
At "Cancer Wise"?

With Prof. Keith's books and reports you are, effectively, buying indefinite updates, at no further cost to you. One of the exciting things about this topic is that new, groundbreaking discoveries are coming through all the time. Prof. Keith is happy to keep you informed but this could be a publishing nightmare!

We can't afford to keep bringing out a new version of the books each month!

The BEST answer is to run an "updater" website, where all the latest news can be posted. You get a password and can log in whenever you have a moment. If there are particularly exciting developments, we'll email you to let you know something new has been posted.

You can also review some interesting and useful contributions from others, too.

OK, Now It's Time To Make A Decision!

You can be in no doubt what this guide is about, what it covers and what value it has to you. It's simply the finest there is out there. It's one of the VERY FEW written by a recognized, authoritative MD with direct experience of treating cancers with alternative therapies.

Prof. Keith no longer runs an office but you can benefit from his vast clinical experience, now, TODAY..

...It’s time to own your copy of "Cancer Research Secrets" the ultimate report on state of the art, up to date, scientifically-backed, therapies and cures for cancer...

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